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The Ironclad Method™

The Ironclad Method™ [icon]

Our signature methodology

The Ironclad Method™ is our signature and most popular offering. We created this method knowing that brands must be hard-working to drive growth. The Ironclad Method™ ensures that brand creation is deliberate, analytical, and customer-empathetic. Because your business’s growth is at stake, its brand positioning must be precise and rigorous. The result is a strategy that serves as your leadership's North Star for growing with intention, clarity and focus.

With this brand strategy, we now have a crystal-clear focus.

The Ironclad Method™ is rigorous, and with Lindsay’s guidance throughout, 100% of us became fully invested in the brand strategy we defined. This brand strategy is now our focus as a company and informs all my decisions.

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Example Case Study

Pantheon [logo]

Category creator articulates its North Star to prepare for hypergrowth


This SaaS platform business had just raised their Serie E round in preparation for rapid growth. Leadership craved a North Star to guide them as they built an audacious new category.


Using the Ironclad Method™, we built a brand strategy that makes it easy for customers to understand and bond with this new category. We defined a brand promise that leveraged the differentiated functional benefits, and the brand’s character and transcendent “why.” The CEO and CMO shared that this brand strategy had become the company’s business strategy and North Star.